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AstraZeneca Office in Sofia

Corida Shoes Store

Sofia, Bulgaria


It is always a pleasure to work with old buildings. Stripping it layer by layer, you uncover past actions – good or bad. And that was exactly what we did at the Corida shoe store in Central Sofia. According to its file in the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage, the building dates back to 1910 and was home to the Bulgarian poet – Dimitar Podvarzachov. And that was the reason we wanted to be respectful of the original substance, even though much of it had already been lost. Entering the store for the first time, we found many layers accumulated over the years – plastic wall cladding, old terracotta tiles, bright red colored aluminum storefront and entrance door. And the shoes were everywhere. It was the moment we realized “this store needs serenity”. The floor plan is strongly divided, as in the past the vestibule was separated by a wall. We emphasized this separation with a contrast in the colors of the two spaces – a reference to the past when no natural light entered the vestibule. The interior atmosphere is calm. Warm colors and heavy curtains create an inviting space. We used the longitude walls for a shoe showcase with a try on timber bench becoming a centerpiece. This longitudinal axis becomes the main focus line, where at both ends floor-to-ceiling mirrors create an infinity effect when looking in either direction. It was in the middle of the renovation process when we uncovered part of the original terrazzo floor in graphite and red, matching the colors of the Corida brand. Corida is a Bulgarian brand established in 1992. They believe that Bulgarian women deserve to taste the luxury of wearing high-quality Spanish shoes.